All About Is The Geniux Legitimate?

Many consumers are interested in what is called “the ultimate smart pill” by Geniux. But many are asking is the product legitimate? These tablets are based on a collection of all natural nutrients that is needed to unlock the brain and unleash more potential; it has been advertised that by taking just a single pill in the mornings, people will be able to find a clearer memory and sharper focus along with physical and cognitive energy.

In essence, the pills such as Geniux have been marketed as an all-natural and healthy alternative to drugs such as Ritalin, Swansea, and Adderall. Do these supplements work as well as these drugs? In usual cases, this is not possible. The single pill for a day has been suggested as a standard dose that works relatively quickly.

However, you do have the choice to take another pill when you feel you may need it. Geniux has combined 50 solid years of cognitive research using “modern gel” capsule technology, and this company firmly believes they have landed on the “holy grail” for brain supplements.

Are There Side Effects?

any-side-effects-from-brain-pillsThere are limited available testimonials from people who have tried the product. Also, some of the testimonials and reviews have been said to be fake. This means that finding any adverse side effects is usually a difficult task. However, any supplement can have the ability to produce a side-effect, which makes Geniux no different.

It has been suggested that the first dose should always be taken after eating to evaluate how you will feel. If you do not notice any side-effects that are undesirable, then you can proceed with the next dose on an empty stomach.

Pros And Cons 

The Pros

•There is a money-back guarantee

•It has been made in a cGMP FDA facility which comes as no surprise because nearly every supplement in the U.S.A is produced here

•The ingredients in the pills are all-natural

•There are a few Geniux reviews available for a few customers that can be viewed by clicking here.

The Cons

•Relatively expensive

•The pills are not for sale in stores such as Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC

Where Can You Buy Geniux?

shopping-onlineIt is advisable to purchase this supplement from Amazon or the official website. One bottle costs $47, but if you decide to buy the product in bulk, you can reduce that price to around $20 for a bottle. Amazon sells one bottle for $56 that will include free shipping. When ordering from the official website you are offered with a 20-day money back guarantee.

Many say that they have doubts about whether Geniux will work. Also, the benefits that are stated on the official website are described as out-of-touch when it comes to reality. However, the supplement is effective in providing an improvement that is steady on the performance of the brain motivation, focus along with memory recall.

What are the Other Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Telogen effluvium is a type of hair loss that can occur when the body is under a lot of stress lately. This usually develops when someone went through childbirth, major surgery or malnutrition.

The reason behind this is because the normal hair growth process is interrupted which causes the hair to shed. The condition can begin right away, usually within six weeks following the stressful experience.

Temporary Hair Loss

Telogen effluvium is more common in women than men according to a study. This is so because women are the ones who always give birth to a child. For those who don’t know yet as to why a woman sheds their hair once they gave birth, you can say that it is just normal and temporary.

Traction alopecia is among the other causes of hair loss in women. It can also happen in men but not as frequent as in women, though. The primary cause of this of it is the trauma or strained to the hair follicles which is usually the result of too much combing and hairstyling.

Hairstyles such as tight braids, ponytails, cornrows and using hair extensions can lead to traction alopecia. In fact, this type of hair loss is common among African-American people in the country.

Baldness Cycle

Alopecia areata is also a common cause of hair loss in both men and women in the country. It is a type of autoimmune disease that has affected a good 2% of the American population. It is also known to be inherited with one out five people having alopecia areata because they got it from their parents.

It mainly occurs when our body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the cells on hair follicles which means that it cannot only happen on the scalp but also in the other parts of the body. If left untreated, it could result in total baldness if it affects the scalp or total hair loss in other body hairs.

It’s marked by the appearance of small oval-shaped patches of hair loss on the scalp or in other parts of the body which could then lead on to complete baldness.

Other medical conditions such thyroid problems and anemia are also known to cause a certain degree of hair loss, especially in women. Women who take certain medications are also more likely to be prone to hair loss.

The Impact of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a devastating experience regardless of the gender of the person. It can put a dent on an individual’s self-esteem and will cause a lot of negative effect throughout the person’s life. In short, it can change how a person will live his/her life.

Studies show that people who suffered from hair loss have their self-confidence and self-esteem at a very low level. They end up getting depressed and avoid any social engagement which is dangerous.

A patient with hair loss must have support from all his/her friends, family, and loved ones to get through the terrible experience.
Women are the ones who are mostly devastated from hair loss. Its impact will greatly change their lifestyle and quality of life.

Teenagers With Hair Loss

Our chance of getting hair loss increases as we continue age since it’s a natural process. Teenagers do suffer from hair loss too. But what most teenagers have been only temporarily hair loss. There are some teenagers, however, are very unlucky because they have severe hair loss at a young age.

Your hair should be able to regrow in a couple of week or months if you have temporary hair loss. However, in male and female pattern hair loss things are entirely different. This type of hair loss is hereditary, and there’s no medication or proper treatment for it.

Teenagers who suffer from this kind of hair loss and just ignore it continuously will end up getting bald before they reach 30. It’s also said that the earlier the hair loss begins, the more severe it can be.

That’s bad news for many teenagers out there. But, you don’t have to lose hope though because you can still do something about it like make it slow down so that you won’t get bald very early.

What do boys do with their hair loss?

PropeciaLet us first take a look at how teenage boys deal with hair loss. Boys who experienced hair loss as early as 16 were not able to find a proper treatment for the hair loss which is awful.

They already started to loss their hair severely which is evident by a receding hairline and the thinning of the crown over the top of the head.

The receding hairline and the thinning crown over the top of the head will begin to meet slowly which then reveals the scalp resulting in baldness.

Teenage boys aged 18 can now use minoxidil to help deal with hair loss. Minoxidil is clinically proven medication effective for hair loss and in some cases to regrow the lost hair.

The way how this drug works is not exactly clear for now, but the results that people get from using it are highly confident. However, it takes months before you can expect results from using this medication.

Boys ages 18 and above can also try Propecia. It’s a good alternative for Minoxidil and has the same properties for fighting against hair loss. It’s an oral tablet that can stop the hair loss completely and be able to regrow your hair.


How about the girls?

Girls Can Use MinoxidilGirls can’t use Propecia, but they can use Minoxidil, though. Minoxidil is suitable for girls who are 16 and above. When talking about female pattern hair loss, it’s their scalp on the top of their head that is affected. This results in patches over the top of the head.

Girls should get a consultation for their hair loss so that they will know what the cause behind it. They can find a suitable treatment for their hair loss.


Girls can’t afford to lose a lot of their hair because that would affect their overall look. But with proper treatment and hair care, they should be able to regrow their hair and restore its original look if lucky.

Teens Going Bald But There Is A Solution

Dating back to my high school days, I once heard about three teen guys who are going to be completely bald soon. One of them was unfortunate because he end up completely bald before he reached 18 years old. Even I was also a victim of balding. Even though getting bald is not a big deal for boys because it doesn’t make them unpopular in school but this is something that is natural for boys who are still very young. Teenage boys who end up getting bald very early is not a perfect condition.

Male Pattern Baldness Flow


Please take note that his article is not only for teens but for old guys too. Keep on reading so that you will know more about hair loss and how can you fight against it. There are a lot of causes for baldness with some of them being a serious illness while most of them are just temporary conditions that can be treated immediately.

The male pattern baldness, for example, is hereditary hair problem. You can get it from either your father or mother. This type of baldness has no cure. If your dad is bald already then, it’s safe to presume that you too will get bald when you get old.

However, the exact timeline for baldness is different from each guy. Most men go bald when they are already old but in some cases there are also young boys who end up completely bald at a young age. I know some teenagers who are almost bald already before they turned 18 and I expect them to be completely bald by the time they reach 20 because of their condition.

Male-pattern baldness, however, can be remedied if you make necessary actions work for it. Now as a teenager, if you don’t want to get bald very early then you must now start taking more good care of your hair. If you notice that your hair is thinning, you should go to a doctor immediately. You might be tricked into thinking that thinning is just average.

But who knows what that is until you have a doctor to take a look at your hair problem. Thinning in its early stages is not that noticeable. Your friends or loved ones may not be able to see it clearly.

Just as mentioned above, as soon as you notice that your hair is thinning, visit a doctor immediately. The doctor will confirm for you what is happening to your hair and give you suggestions on how to treat it. The doctor will first check if your hair loss is genetic or if it’s just a temporary condition that can be dealt with right away.

If you were to experience hair loss very early, the globally accepted drug called minoxidil is recommended for you. It is cheap and very efficient when it comes to dealing with hair loss. You can easily buy minoxidil over the counter in many stores worldwide, and there’s no prescription needed for it.

Using it is very straightforward. You can just apply a minoxidil to your scalp twice a day. You can do it in the morning while taking a bath and in the evening before you sleep. Keep in mind that baldness can always be prevented if you act immediately.